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Peter’s Appliances

Peter’s Appliances started over 16 years ago when Peter started repairing and selling appliances. The business first began in Sanford but has moved to Longwood, FL. Peter became interested in appliances while he was a certified electrician. He saw the need for affordable appliances and took initiative. He believes people spend way too much money on appliances and they often replace them when a small error occurs. Many appliances are easily fixed and it would be far more beneficial to get your appliance fixed instead of purchasing a new one.

Why Choose Us

Financing Available. No Credit Needed!

Been In Business Over 20 Years

Electrician, Repairman and Seller

Flexible Delivery Hours Available


Happy Customers

“First of all, THANK YOU JESSE. I stopped in to check the prices of refrigerators and literally found the perfect fridge [brand new with all that plastic!] for literally $650.00 CHEAPER than other companies where this EXACT item is currently advertised “on sale” for $1,599.00.
I bought the same exact item for $950.00 OUT THE DOOR BRAND NEW WITH FULL WARRANTY. Jesse delivered, hooked it up and hauled off that 20 year old mess that was leaking all over my floor. He truly is a nice guy with fair and excellent prices. He is not pushy when you check out his store knowing you will be back once you see the obvious difference in pricing and service. I’m so pleased with my purchase that I’ve decided to get a matching stove and dishwasher. He will call when these items are there and available for me to check out. Excellent customer service.”


“Great variety reasonable price great if you need work done on your appliances!”

Rafael C.



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